September 29th Show – Florida Amendments and A Change

September 29, 2012 in News

We go over the upcoming Florida Amendments that everybody will be voting on in November. During this show we gave a simple explanation of the amendments but we recommend that you read them for yourself.

Now we can say what we are doing for next week:

  • We will be on a *NEW* Radio Station Talk 107.5 FM. Which can be heard out of Jasper, FL
  • The show *NEW* air time is 10am to Noon. (yes, 2 hours)
  • YOU, can call in to the show and voice your comments and opinion. The phone number is: 386-792-1075
  • Radio personality Phil Jones will be joining us.
  • We are starting new segments and we will announce them in the future.
We are very excited over this move and hope you will be too. If you cannot hear the show we will still have a replay of the show on this website.

CLICK HERE to hear the show