“NCR” and “PBS” are having a Nervous Breakdown

October 4, 2012 in News

Mitt Romney in the presidential debate last night said he would cut funding to any item that the money to fund the system comes from China.

A little history of why he made this statement is because in a recorded video back in 2010, NCR & PBS executives speaking disparagingly of conservatives, and saying NPR did not need federal funding.” NCR & PBS are ran by their parent organization, Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Congress said back in 2010: “Make no mistake, it is not the role of government to tell news organizations how to operate. What is avoidable, however, is providing taxpayer funds to news organizations that promote a partisan point of view,” they said.

“Eliminating taxpayer funding for NPR is precisely the kind of common sense cut that we have to begin making it we want to fundamentally alter the way business is conducted in Washington,”

NPR says only 1 to 3 percent of its $166 million budget is funded by taxpayer dollars. But a new report by the Congressional Research Service found that taxpayers fund at least 4 percent of NPR’s budget, while an analyst at the conservative American Thinker estimated it was closer to 25 percent.