October 27th Show – Thomas Moffses

Republican candidate for Hamilton school superintendent Thomas Moffses was our guest on this weekend show. We went over his campaign and issues of the Hamilton School system.


Interview Conservative Countdown



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One thought on “October 27th Show – Thomas Moffses

  1. Joe says:

    In regards to the president backing Same Sex Marriage referendums in 3 states, i will say this: Although I do not support our president, I do agree marriage equality is a must. In fact, where is it right for the government to tell us who to marry? I am a straight man, and happily married to my wife of 30 years, but its not going to ruin our marriage if you let two men or two women marry. I have friends who are gay and married, and they have a healthy marriage. In fact, they adopted a little girl a few years ago and she is going on to becoming a great student. If people understood the truth behind SSM’s, then I feel our world would be a much greater place. We can talk about religion, but I will say this goes beyond religion. This is about the society we live in today. Our nation was built on the basis of “All Men Are Created Equal”. With these current hate laws, I cannot see where that plays! Prop 8 needs to go, and DOMA needs to be repealed! And as for the United States Government: STAY THE HELL OUT OF OUR PERSONAL LIVES!

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